Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Top events in 2013

This is only my list:
1. Tony Abbots became our Prime Minister as a result of the internal conflicts in Labour making the Labour Party not electable.
2. The current Federal Cabinet has only two female ministers. What a shame!
3. Edward Snowden leaked the information that USA is spying EVERYONE. We all know that government spies on each other. The wholesale spying on everyone is really indicative of the coming collapse of USA government.
4. That USA demanded European countries to stop and search a Presidential plane and the fact that these countries obliged show a very unhealthy one-sided superpower dictating her will to everyone.
5. The shutdown of the USA Federal government due to the Congress's inability to solve the budget bill. That's a laughing stalk for the world! The political leaders in USA are just insane.
6. 2013 is one of the bloodiest year in Iraq since the USA invasion. Over 7000 people were killed.
7. Some good news now. Iran's nuclear programme and the use of chemical weapon in Syria were resolved diplomatically instead of using force. Unfortunately, that is where the good news ends. Syria remained in civil war and there is no sign of stopping.
8. USA drones strikes killing innocent civilians are still on-going.
9. Climate talk was still unsuccessful. When will leaders realize the implication of the climate?
10. Curiosity Rover by USA sent to Mars continued to work. China sent her first rover to Moon.

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