Tuesday, 7 January 2014

How to start a war

1. Define an enemy - an ideology is ideal.
2. Create an instance - the fuse to start a war.
3. Create intelligence - manufacture evidence
4. A lie told often enough becomes a truth.
5. No need to declare war - drones are good.

Monday, 6 January 2014

US record lowest temperatures

Record low temperature - is there global "warming"? Well, the prediction of the climate change is that we have large fluctuation of of temperatures. That's is exactly what is predicted.

Friday, 3 January 2014

What does doubling of Carbon Dioxide mean?

In the past 1.3 million years (the time when homo sapiens evolves), the Earth is in an ice age cycle with atmospheric CO2 between 175 to 275 ppm. Human began industrialization and large scale burning of fossil fuel about 250 years ago. Since then, the atmospheric CO2 has been increasing. We note that the increase in exponential, that means the increase is becoming faster and faster. If we take the current growth rate of 2.2%, the concentration will be double the pre-industrial value by 2050, only 36 years from now. As the current third countries improve the living standard and if they adopt the same lifestyle as the current people in developed countries, this 2.2% is a lower prediction of the rate of increase. That also means that we shall reach the doubling much earlier. Do people in the developed countries have the moral right to ask those in the poorer countries not to grow rich? Do people in the rich countries have the moral right to tell the poor that they cannot get rich by the ways that we have? Do people in the developed countries have the right to pollute but not the poor? If we want to live in peace, we need an equitable distribution of resources and opportunities. Poor people everywhere have the same right as the rich to live. In fact, unless we act, no one can live, at least in the same way as we are doing now.

Climate change could be far more serious than thought

Our climate scientists at University of New South Wales found an important factor in the climate model which did not reflect reality. The water vapour coming out from ocean and ground are not all going up to 15 km to form clouds which reflect sunlight. In fact, if this factor is adjust to reflect the tendency of water vapour going up to 5 km before they get condensed and fall back down as rain, there will be less cloud cover and hence less sunlight being reflected back to space. The over all conclusion is that a doubling of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere will increase the global temperature by 3oC instead of the previous number of 1.8oC.

If our scientists are correct, which is very likely, we are creating a future unthinkable for our children and grandchildren.

2013 hottest year on record

2013 was the hottest year on record since 1910 in Australia. It is another evidence that global warming is real.

From UK, 2013 was the seventh hottest.

2012 was the hottest year on record in USA when data was released back in January 8, 2013. Last year (2013) for USA may also break USA records. WOW, that would be two years in a row.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hurt and Pain are still deep in the hearts

Every time a Japanese Prime Minister or Minister visit the Yashukuni Shrine, the neighbouring countries will protest. Until Japan can take the lead of the Germans to acknowledge the damage and hurt to her neighbours populate done in WWII, the distrust will continue. In politics, trust is almost everything.